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Your rights

The Freedom of Information Act 1982 (FOI Act) gives any person the right to:

  • access copies of documents (except exempt documents) we hold
  • ask for information we hold about you to be changed or annotated if it is incomplete, out of date, incorrect or misleading, and
  • seek a review of our decision not to allow you access to a document or not to amend your personal record.

You can ask to see any document that we hold. We can refuse access to some documents, or parts of documents that are exempt. Exempt documents may include those relating to national security, documents containing material obtained in confidence and Cabinet documents, or other matters set out in the FOI Act.

Documents available outside the FOI Act

You can get certain information, including personal information we hold about you, without following a formal process under the FOI Act. For example, some documents concerning reviews of employment action or promotion reviews may be released to you if you were involved in the review.

You should also check the information we have published under the Australian Public Service Commission's (the Commission) Information Publication Scheme and FOI disclosure log to see if what you are seeking is already available.

How to make a request

Your request must:

  • be in writing
  • state that the request is an application for the purposes of the FOI Act
  • provide information about the document(s) to assist us to process your request
  • provide an address for reply.

You can send your request:

By post: FOI Contact Officer, Australian Public Service Commission – GPO Box 3176, Canberra ACT 2601

By email: foi@apsc.gov.au

If you ask a third party to make an FOI request on your behalf, you may need to provide a specific, written authority to send copies of documents to you, care of that person, or to allow that person to inspect copies of documents containing information about you.

If you request copies of documents containing information about you, we may require you to prove your identity so that we can be certain we are providing the documents to you and not to another person.

If you require assistance with your request, please contact the FOI Contact Officer on 02 6202 3571 or by email at foi@apsc.gov.au.