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We are currently seeking Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander professionals, and middle management equivalents in the following streams:

  • Project Management (All Australian States and Territories)
  • Accounting and Finance (ACT/NSW/QLD/VIC)
  • Strategic Policy (ACT)


We are looking for candidates who can bring their expertise, energy and fresh perspectives to make a real difference to Government outcomes.  This might be a new direction for your career, a chance to expand your professional experience, or a return to Government employment.

Candidates will have demonstrated capabilities in:

  • Communication and stakeholder engagement
  • Conceptual and analytical thinking
  • Leadership and accountability
  • Technical skills and experience in one or more of the identified streams.

We strongly encourage applications from people with disability and offer practical support such as making reasonable adjustments to ensure that people are able to participate equally in selection processes.


To be eligible for the Australian Government Indigenous Lateral Entry (AGILE) Program you must:

  • be an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander person
  • be an Australian citizen

Positions with some agencies may require the applicant to undergo a medical examination conducted by the agency’s preferred medical provider.

Successful candidates may also be required to obtain and/or maintain a security clearance. The Australian Government Security Vetting Agency website provides further information on what this entails.


Project management roles coordinate, direct and oversee the development of projects or a set of related projects and activities.  Examples might include development of national programs that improve services to the community, introduce new technologies, or build significant infrastructure. Qualifications in project management would be well regarded, but are not essential.

Lawyers in the Australian Governmentprovide or support the provision of legal advice, prepare and draft legal documents, conduct negotiations on behalf of clients, plead cases in courts and tribunals, hear legal and other matters in courts and tribunals, and interpret, analyse, administer and review the law.  All legal disciplines are of interest including administrative law, commercial or corporate law, employment law or environmental law just to name a few.  Qualifications in law are essential.

Accounting and Finance roles plan and provide systems and services relating to financial, accounting and procurement activities.  These roles may support the efficient financial management of a Government agency, value for money delivery of Government outcomes, or even influence the whole-of-government financial framework.  Qualifications in accounting or finance would be well regarded, but are not essential.

Strategic Policy roles coordinate, direct and oversee the development of government or commercial policies. Government policy influences every aspect of Australian life, whether that be public health, international relations or the economy for example.  Noting the breadth of strategic policy tertiary qualifications, including in public policy, would be well regarded, but are not essential.


Positions will be available across the APS 6, EL 1 and EL 2 classifications.

Executive Level 2 employees will generally have significant professional experience, often in excess of 15 years.  They will have the ability to operate with a significant degree of independence and perform an important leadership role. They provide a high level of advice to Senior Executives and Ministers and will work on highly complex or sensitive projects, or work programs with strategic, political and or/or operational significance.  They maintain strong relationships with key internal and external stakeholders and will often lead a work team or teams.

Executive Level 1 employees will generally have 10 – 15 years professional experience.  They will undertake work that is very complex or sensitive often under the broad direction of an Executive Level 2 employee.  They are required to demonstrate sound judgement in the production of high -level advice and their work will impact on strategic, political or operational outcomes.  They will often manage a team and perform a leadership role in an organisation.

APS Level 6 employees will often have 8 - 10 years professional experience.  They work under the direction of an Executive Level employee, but have reasonable autonomy and accountability.  They provide detailed technical, professional and/or policy advice in relation to complex problems.  They may liaise with a range of stakeholders in a representational role.  They may have responsibility for supervising other staff, setting priorities and managing workflows.

Refer to the APS Work Level Standards for further information on the expectations of different classifications.