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Indigenous Champions Network (ICN)

The Indigenous Champions Network is an advocacy body who are committed to leading and driving initiatives aimed at increasing the workplace experience for all Australian Public Service (APS) Indigenous Australians.  Champions are senior representatives from various Australian Government agencies. The role of the network includes promoting and facilitating the sharing of good practice and collaboration between agencies as well as exploring new ideas that lead to better employment outcomes for Indigenous employees.  The network meets quarterly and is supported by a secretariat through the Department of Human Services.

Indigenous Senior Executive (SES) Network

The Indigenous SES Network was established to contribute to progressing Indigenous employment and retention initiatives. The network has committed to the following goals:

  • The opportunity to come together as an Indigenous SES cohort to offer cultural and strategic advice to the Secretaries Equality and Diversity Council.
  • The role we can play as a collective in bringing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives to Executive Management
  • Committed to supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to forge strong careers in the APS. This includes the Indigenous SES network members, and
  • Committed to working together to identify the specific areas where we can maximise our influence for the benefit of our peoples’ and for the APS.

The Indigenous SES Network is committed to driving meaningful change and providing guidance to Secretaries on issues affecting Indigenous Australians to provide a stewardship role that contributes to greater representation, retention and progression for Indigenous Australians in the Australian Public Service.

Indigenous Liaison Officer (ILO) Network

Indigenous Liaison Officers are Human Resource Practitioners who manage a number of projects related to recruitment and retention of Indigenous employees in the Australian Public Service.  They provide advice to managers on people management challenges and often also provide advice to Indigenous employees on employment related matters. ILO’s provide a link to assist the design and implementation of effective engagement strategies to attract, recruit, retain and advance Indigenous employees. The ILO network is focused on providing a culturally supportive environment for Indigenous Liaison Officers to share ideas, resources, troubleshoot retention issues and provide support to members.

APS Indigenous Employee Networks Group

The APS Indigenous Employee Networks Group (APSIENG) is an informal network established to support each other, share information and experiences. It is an opportunity to provide guidance and support to other members, encouraging peer support. The network enables views and aspirations of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees to be heard and addressed in a positive and solution focused manner. The network is attended by agency representatives who hold a chair role in their agency’s Indigenous Employee Network.