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All Bases Softball Carnival– 13 September 2019

Registrations are now open for the inaugural All Bases Softball Carnival. The softball carnival aims to increase awareness of inclusion by bringing together people of all ages, gender, background and ability.

Date: Friday 13 th September 2019
Location: Hawker International Softball Centre, Walhallow Street, Hawker
Time: 9:00 am start – finish 4:00 pm
Cost: There is no cost for teams to participate. All equipment provided
Teams: Teams are made of 9-14 players

No experience is necessary and this carnival will be played to slow-pitch, loaded bases rules, with reasonable adjustments available to open up the event to people of all abilities. Please note that teams must have more women then men on the field. The batting order must alternate between male and female. Please see the carnival rules for more details.

Please review the rules of the carnival.

Please register your team, registrations close 30 August 2019.



Do I need experience to play?

No, this version of the game is modified to allow non players to join in and enjoy the game.

Does our team need a uniform?

Softball uniforms are not required. Please dress for the weather conditions. We do want teams to all wear the same coloured shirts to help build team spirit.

Is it safe?

To make the carnival as safe as possible, we will use a 'Reduced Injury Ball' (RIB). These balls are the standard ball used in junior softball and are softer than a regulation softball.  

Other modified rules will be played including using safety circles around bases so that runners are safe once inside the circle. This takes sliding out of the game. The full rules for the day can be found below.

How many people in a team?

Teams can be up to 14 people with each game starting with 9 players. If you have more 14 players please let us know.  

If you don't have a full side please let us know as we can build a team of players. 

Will there be grades?

Yes, teams will play grading games in the morning with finals split into three grades in the afternoon.

Can anyone play?

All Australian Public Service Employees and ACT Government employees are eligible to play in the All Bases Softball Carnival. 

Can I come and watch?

Yes! We encourage spectators to come and cheer your team on.  

Is this considered work time?

As you will be representing your Agency we consider the Carnival to be work related however, you will need to talk with your Supervisor to confirm your Agencies position. 

Where can I find more information?

To find out more, please contact indigenous@apsc.gov.au or 1300 656 009.