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What you can expect

First, tell us your story

We just need to gather the information so we can get the best picture of who you are and what your skills are. We’ve made the application process as simple as possible. You will apply online, fill out all your basic details and upload a few files.

The things you’ll need to upload are;

Your Academic Transcript

You can get your official transcript from your university, email or call them for a copy.

Your Resume/CV

Your resume should include the contact details of two referees. These referees should be from work but might also be from university or extra-curricular activities.

Confirmation of Aboriginal and/Torres Strait Island heritage

If you don't have your Confirmation of Heritage yet, you can still apply for this opportunity. Please get in touch with us, we're here to support to you, email us at indigenous.graduates@defence.gov.au

If you meet the above requirements you may be invited to complete online assessments. If you do, there’s always an option to practice the questions and get used to the platform before you start. We will never remove you from the process based solely on your online testing scores.  

Then meet, greet and yarn with us

Come and meet representatives from the Departments and Agencies participating this year in a low stress, culturally safe environment.

In a small group with other applicants you’ll talk through questions and situations together in a yarning circle group interview. You can talk about your experiences in university, casual jobs, your community and your future goals. Although this is an interview it’s also relaxed and conversational so we can see you at your best.

You will also undertake and individual and individual interview as part of the process. Agency representatives will ask a variety of questions, aimed at getting to know you better.

The meet and greet section is great chance for you to get a feel for which of the Department and Agencies you might want to work with. You can ask any questions you might have about what they do and what you might do there if you’re successful.

Next, tell us more

At the completion of the assessment process you will be invited to an individual validation interview (just a one-on-one yarn really) to discuss your placement preferences and suitability for a graduate position.

Finally, find your place

Results from all of your assessments will be collated into a report, which will be made available to all participating agencies. From this report they will make offers to successful applicants for their graduate programs and take you through what to expect if you work for them. Throughout the offers process we’ll do our best to find you the right position.


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